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You know how people believe that when something enters your mind multiple times there must be a reason.  Well the first thing I thought of when I read Word Press’ prompt for today was an “Aha!” moment I had back in October about forgiveness.  I blogged about it then, so I am including the link to this post below.

To Err Is Human_To Forgive Divine. | dswalkerauthor

Yesterday, I participated in a blog hop that also resulted in my once again examining my beliefs about forgiveness when I found a blog where someone was questioning how she could forgive.  Here is the link:

A (little) Rant Re: Forgiveness « Karma Per Diem

Last night Oprah’s guests were two families who were directly impacted by anger from extremely harmful events in their lives.  I thought how sad that they were not able to forgive before more people were wounded.

I want to be clear about my beliefs on forgiveness and why I have them.  I must admit that I am still human, so I’m still prone to initially react with anger although I try not to do so.  I do get over things easier than I did in the past, but for me it is still a process.  Here is another link to one of my former posts which explains how my beliefs came about:

Lessons of Forgiveness | dswalkerauthor

Look at all three of these posts and let me know what you think.  Do you believe in forgiveness?  Let me know why or why not?

Addendum: Being Proactive vs Reactive: The Power of Forgiveness – A Bloggable Life has been removed as Sandie no longer has this blog.