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Special_Ism.com.photoI wrote monthly posts for Special-Ism for a year. It is an on-line magazine where you can find professional insights to reach your child’s potential. I need to concentrate on other aspects of life this year, so January 2013 was my final post. However, there are still many wonderful writers at Special-Ism.com, and I will continue to share their posts on Twitter. I hope you will share them too.

Emotional IQ, Empathy, Compassion: What Do They Mean to Special Needs Parents?

These terms are thrown around these days. Yet, I do not believe you can have one without the other….Read More

Sensory Friendly Holiday Celebrations


Have you ever sat in your backyard, on a park bench, on a mountaintop, or at the beach enjoying peace and quiet? Do you remember the sounds? Have you tried doing this recently?
Have you ever ridden a roller coaster, gone tubing or sledding down a hill, or raced down a hill on your….Read More

How Do You Know? Recognizing and Teaching Kindness

How do you know anything? Did you know World Kindness Day is November 13, 2012? When did you first recognize an act of kindness? Do you remember?

The Challenge
More than one person has told me that some special needs children and adults do not realize when others are mean to them. Others may recognize someone is mean, but they may believe this is just the way the world is and they are powerless to change it….Read More

Strike with Force or Become a Force for Change

Should we teach children to use physical force to fight bullies when comebacks have failed? Would you be okay with your child using physical force if he needed to protect himself from harm? Are you aware that fighting back does not always stop bullies? What will you do if the school suspends your child for protecting himself? Would you fight the school’s decision? What if you ….Read More

Labels! Labels! Positives Only for Self-Esteem Please!

Negative Medical Terminology

Have you noticed that special needs diagnoses have negative terms like deficit, hyperactive, pervasive, disorder, and syndrome? Would having these terms used to describe you help your self-esteem? How do you think it makes our children feel?

The reality is they are the “correct” medical terms. They are the terms on medical records that follow our children throughout their lives. However, is it any wonder that our children have problems with self-esteem …. Read more at Special-Ism.com

Special Needs PTSD: How Does It Manifest and What Helps?

…Special needs children can develop signs of PTSD as a result of years of being misunderstood and/or bullied…

The bigger issues are lost trust and loss of identity. This can result in emotional numbing, withdrawal, and restricted communication that impacts the entire family. It can even result in secondary trauma for the caregivers….

Still there is infinite hope for a positive outlook and bright future with some work and time…Read More of my Special-Ism post to find the help you need.

About Bullies: Bullies Are Human Too!

….Yes, I know the world abhors bullies, but should we? What if we offered them compassion instead? What if we worked with them to help them develop empathy for others while we work with those they hurt to help them overcome bullying?….Go to Special-Ism to Read More

Bully Busters for Schools

Has your child been hurt by others’ words? Did someone say something about her choice of clothes or about her ability to answer the teacher’s questions? Has she been left out or excluded from some outing or event her “friends” attended? Do others accuse her of overreacting? Just because people have always been mean to those with differences does not mean that we have to continue to empower those who are mean or make the ones they victimize feel like the guilty ones….Read More

Documentary Film Maker, Lee Hirsch Sends a Wake Up Call to America With His Powerful “Bully” and the Bully Project

Too few really understand the damage caused to our children by words, by deeds, and by the apathetic responses victims of bullying receive from the very people who should be protecting them. This damage can be even greater to vulnerable special needs children. Yet, Lee Hirsch captures this in his film in a way that is undeniable although he never identifies two of the children in the film as having Asperger’s.

My Personal Experience

I know more than most the devastation caused by society’s failures since my daughter experienced this when her school counselor reacted much the same way as the school in Iowa portrayed in Hirsch’s Bully movie. I went over the counselor’s head to get help and I sought outside help as well. Yet, four years later the same school again failed my daughter….Read More

Expert Offers Bully Prevention Tips

Many children with special needs experience bullying, and often they and their families are unsure of how to handle it and the best way to overcome the effects of bullying. Today I am interviewing an expert on the topic who has advice for all of us.

Annie Fox, M.Ed. is an award-winning author, app developer, and youth empowerment activist. Her books include Too Stressed to Think?: A Teen Guide to Staying Sane When Life Makes You Crazy and the Be Confident in Who You Are (Middle School Confidential Series). You can learn more about Annie’s work with students, parents and teachers at http://anniefox.com. You can also join the discussion about bullying solutions by liking her Facebook page, Cruel’s Not Cool. She graciously agreed to answer a few questions […] Read more.

Eliminate Bullying in Your School

Many children with special needs experience school bullying. Some experts, teachers, and other students blame the victim because they are different. The world has gotten the message that blaming the victim in cases of rape or domestic abuse is wrong. It is time the world gets the message that it is equally wrong to blame […] Read more.

When an Advantage Becomes a Disadvantage

The same excellent rote memory that helps many Aspies and Autistics can also be a distinct disadvantage. Most people believe being able to seamlessly remember details of events or of things read is an advantage and most of the time it is. After all, it makes studying for tests easier and allows for needed attention […] Read more.