Life with My Ohana

Living in a Multicultural State and Bicultural Family 

This is the life I lead and for the most part it is a good life. Still, there are challenges. Misunderstandings and less support than I would like is a constant problem related to this.

My roots began in the Bible belt of the United States. I then moved to Colorado and attended a Jesuit university while living in a culturally diverse neighborhood. It was there that I met my husband.

He is a fourth generation American of Chinese descent who was born and raised in Hawaii. We got married in an Episcopalian Church and both of my children have attended schools with Episcopalian influences. Yet, we also honor my husband’s Chinese roots by celebrating some traditional Chinese holidays like Chinese New Year and like Ching Ming.

Other Asian and Pacific Islander cultures also influence life in Hawaii. Therefore, both of my children understand diversity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable Object or Friend

Two of my favorite companions are my dogs and I’m grateful for both of them. I did a prior post about my Corgi, so today I’m focusing on my Golden and his favorite companion and no, it’s not me although … Continue reading→

Marriage Advice for Peace at Home: From an Unlikely Source

The best advice I ever received regarding keeping the peace in a marriage was given to me at my wedding rehearsal by Henry Winkler, and no he is not a family friend. He just happened to be taking some of his friends on a tour of the church … Continue reading→

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves or in Our Case Curves of Life

Life has thrown a few curves at my family, so when I saw this week’s photo challenge by Sara Rosso was curves that was my first thought. My next thought was how in the world would I portray that in photos when … Continue reading→

Bloggers for Peace and May’s Monthly Challenge: Art Thou Peaceful?

I photographed this peaceful piece of art at Kapìolani Community College. The trio of stacked stones or pohaku was created as a symbol of direction to inspire, guide, and embody … Continue reading→

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says or “Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign”

Yes, I am a seventies child and now I can’t get that tune out of my head. That is why I am sharing a photo that depicts everywhere a sign and that also depicts the favorite place to buy malasadas if … Continue reading→

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape:

Lately my escape is appreciating the beauty around me. Can’t wait to see and/ or hear … Continue reading→

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This week’s photo challenge had me exploring major emotions. Why? First, my culture is not one culture. I live in a multicultural state and my family is bicultural. The culture where I grew up certainly influences me still. Sometimes the culture of my past clashes with where I am now. The biggest clash is related to religion. Religion is a big part of culture when you grow up in a rural community in the southern part of the United States. I still have great faith in the Holy Trinity which is largely influenced by my … Continue reading→

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Change always reminds me of the old Bob Dylan song: “The times they are a changin.”

This is true for everyone even our cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was an adorable floppy eared puppy when … Continue reading →

Project Gratitude and Joining the Oxygen Mask Project

I joined project gratitude last January and I am still grateful for many things including the fact that I can visit this beautiful place as often as I want. This year I have been posting less and my posts have … Continue reading 

Gratitude for Perfect Day

I am moving forward and taking positive steps to get back on track. I am taking time to continue rehabbing my back from an injury I sustained in May. I am supporting my daughter as she works towards overcoming the past … Continue reading →

The Year of the Water Dragon

You might have noticed that I was off-line most of last week and the beginning of this week. We have been celebrating Chinese New Year. This year we are taking no chances with our luck. Not only did we attend … Continue reading →

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Last year I posted about a family tradition at our house of going around the table and telling each other the things that make us thankful. There are things I had hoped for this year that have not turned out … Continue reading →

A Few of My Favorite Things

I need a break from bullying this Sunday so I am doing my gratitude post today and sharing a few of my favorite things starting with some wonderful local fruits.  I know when you hear I live in Hawaii, you … Continue reading →

Wishes and Dreams

We were a happy family in the spring of 2001. We were in the land where wishes and dreams all come true. Yes, I mean Disneyland, but I also am talking about our hopes and dreams for our family too. … Continue reading →

Focusing on Gratitude

Two thousand and one is a significant year for my family like it is for others. However, the significance for us is different and in hindsight it still is affecting us, so rather than dwell on a deep sadness that … Continue reading →

Nice Weather, Good Food, Old Friends and Kind Strangers 

I am grateful that all of my family and friends up and down the Eastern Coast survived Hurricane Irene and I am grateful for nice weather here.  I am posting less as things here have been a little crazy as … Continue reading →

Memorial Day Gratitude

The United States celebrates Memorial Day this weekend.  I am grateful to all of the men and women who serve and who have served our country throughout history and to their families.   Today I am sharing pictures from Pearl Harbor … Continue reading →

Gratitude for Differences and Acceptance

I am grateful that the Japanese White-Eye also known as Mejiro frequently visits my backyard.  I am also grateful for this picture  and the kind individual named Katherine who sent it to me because she knew I had tried, but … Continue reading →

Old Friends and Happiness

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Project Gratitude 2011, Day 56

Today I am grateful that this Geico Gecko lookalike lives outside my home and not in it.  Lizards are common in Hawaii and the name gecko did not originate with  Geico who adopted them as their mascot.  I love them when … Continue reading →

Project Gratitude Day 49

I am grateful this Kolea visits my home every year.  Like the humpbacks, they travel from Alaska to Hawaii every winter.  I named one of the schools in my book after him.  You can hear his bird calls by clicking on … Continue reading →

Kung Hey Fat Choy 2011

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit! Hawaii’s population is approximately one-third Chinese according to one of the writers for although that number includes those who are of mixed race like my children.  Therefore, like many homes in the … Continue reading→

How I Would Spend My Last Hour 

The tombstone is my parents’ whom I love and miss for they really were wonderful and I always knew they loved me.  I am so grateful to have been their daughter.  No, it isn’t really my last hour and I’m … Continue reading →

Bullying in the Aloha State

When my children were younger we read a story book about the Aloha Bear which taught that aloha means hello, goodbye, and love. People also use it to mean peace, compassion, and mercy. Yet, even in Hawaii, we have a bullying … Continue reading →

Lessons Learned From Riding Horses

Today I am combining Word Press’ Post A Day suggestions with another blogger’s challenge, Riding the Roller Coaster: Project Gratitude. You can view her post for the details. Day 6 of Gratitude Project: I am grateful for the lessons my … Continue reading →