Talking About Autism

Girls on the autism spectrum are a minority within a minority and those with the diagnosis of Asperger’s are frequently misunderstood and misdiagnosed before they finally get the correct diagnosis. I have several thoughts on the reason behind this, but the most important two are that it has historically been thought of as a male diagnosis and the diagnosis was not recognized until 1994. The links below are just a few of the posts I have written about autism.

Delightfully Different Life to “I Wish I Didn’t Have Aspergers”: #AutismPositivity2012 Flash Blog Event”

Dear Aspie, I understand how you might feel that way. There are people in this world who think we should all be like them. They make others feel bad about themselves. They do not understand that you have many gifts … Continue reading →

More Than Autism Awareness: Acceptance, Appreciation, and Accommodation So They Can Soar!

I spent two days exhibiting at the Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability & Diversity surrounded by people with talents beyond my dreams. These are great minds that work harder than most just to be heard. They have greater capabilities and bigger … Continue reading →

Three Voices of Inspiration: Promoting Accommodation, Acceptance and Appreciation of Differences

What is Inspiration? The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines inspiration as “the act or power of moving the intellect or emotions.” People who work to change the world to a place where we appreciate differences inspire others. They accept the challenge to … Continue reading →

Autism Myth, Legends, and Mysteries of Sleep

This post was  part of Danette’s wonderful Best of Best Series…. The myth is that if your child cannot fall asleep it is due to either anxious parenting or lack of firm parenting. The legend is that those on the autism spectrum can totally avoid sleep problems if they avoid sensory overload and they are in a calm environment. The mystery is why those on the autism spectrum have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep….Continue reading →

Misfits on the Island of Misfit Toys 

I love Jess at A Diary of a Mom and Leigh at Flappiness is… too, so I completely understand why all of you love them. I followed Jess closely as she went to the White House and I went with …Continue reading→

Helping Fund the Dialogue to Improve Our Children’s Future

Ever feel like you are different, but you lack the sensory sensitivities and musical or artistic gifts of your child on the spectrum? Ever have a bad case of “foot in mouth” syndrome? Do you sometimes feel like you do …Continue reading →

Small Voice in the Universe

Yes, the title is a knock off of Jojo’s “One small voice in the universe.” I just attended two performances of Seussical Jr. this past weekend to watch my son perform in his first musical, and Jojo’s song keeps running … Continue reading →

Therapy? What Therapy?

First, a disclaimer. This post only represents my point of view as it relates to my family and my child. Everyone has to make the best decision for their child based on the best information they have.

Therapy was practically nonexistent for my child. The initial psychologist did not realize my daughter was on the autism spectrum although we told him about her sensory issues with smells, clothes, and sound. He told us to tell her that she was being silly….Continue reading →

Major Guilt and Bucket of Tears 

It is either already or almost Thursday in much of the world so instead of Wordless Wednesday I share this post inspired by Breathe In Now « Try Defying Gravity. I still cry sometimes over all the mistakes made and …Continue reading →

Blooming Orchids 

I try to use “blooming orchids” instead of other “choice words” when something upsets me.  It also is what I enjoy most in my backyard. “Someone” I love also did an excellent job of comparing autism to an orchid last … Continue reading →

Does Special Needs Equal Medication Needs?

I mentioned our bad experience with medications in my “Therapy? What Therapy?” in August, so you might assume I am totally against medication for this group. I am not.

Yet, I am against medications being the first choice especially for young children. First, you need a full workup to rule out alternative causes and to help assist in obtaining an accurate diagnosis….Continue reading →

 A Different View

Autism Spectrum brought a different view of the world into my life. This picture is a different view of a well-known landmark. Do you still recognize it?

It is Diamond Head, just not from the view most people … Continue reading →

Trust is a Fragile Thing 

This is a picture of my innocent child with her grandfather in a shared moment of happiness.  She did not get to know her wonderful grandfather because this was his last birthday.  This child like every child on earth deserves … Continue reading →

Autism Awareness of Our Girls Too 

Taylor Morris and many others have worked to change the perception of girls on the autism spectrum as you just watched.  However, we still need to do more. April is Autism Awareness Month in the United States.  I would love … Continue reading →

 A Sibling Is a Gift

I often tell my daughter that her brother is the best gift I ever gave her and I honestly mean this. Of course having an older sibling is also a gift. There are several reasons I believe having a sibling … Continue reading→

Allen Frances I Hope You Are Listening 

The beautiful child who started me on this journey is fortunate to be very high on the Autism Spectrum, but that does not mean that she has had it easy.  For years no one identified her sensory issues as causing any of her complaints about loud noises, strong smells, scratchy clothes, or bright lights hurting her eyes.  No one understood how hard transitions were for her either.  We told her she was being ridiculous and made her feel guilty for things that she could not control on the advice of her doctors.  Well-meaning teachers, friends, and even some family members did not understand her and some judged her and/or us … Continue reading→