Feature Stories

I hope you enjoy the feature stories about some wonderful people.

Be the Change You Want!

Posted on December 3
The covers have to come off in the morning, the head must avoid the sand, the lips must speak up for change to happen. Help prevent those stories you refuse to read. Real change requires full participation! Support others who are trying to make a difference…. Continue reading →

Helping Fund the Dialogue to Improve Our Children’s Future

Posted on December 2
Ever feel like you are different, but you lack the sensory sensitivities and musical or artistic gifts of your child on the spectrum? Ever have a bad case of “foot in mouth” syndrome? Do you sometimes feel like you do …Continue reading →

Inspiring Man and Movie

Posted on October 30
Front of the Class is the story of Brad Cohen, a teacher who has Tourette’s.  I love this movie for several reasons and I highly recommend it.  I believe it should be required for teachers to help them understand how teachers can … Continue reading →

Education Instead of Force for Real Change

Posted on June 11
One of the advantages of being laid up with a back injury is that I have had the time to watch more movies. That’s What I Am  is one that needs to be shared. There are so many things I … Continue reading 

Forgiveness Defined and Explained

Posted on May 15

Definition and Why I Still Need Help

The first definition of forgive in the 2004 version of The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is: to give up resentment of.

I am still learning and growing as I continue to pursue forgiveness. I realized that I still have much to learn when someone once again wounded my loved one. Therefore, I did more research and found a wonderful book, Forgive for Good by Dr. Frederic Luskin… Continue reading →

Inspiration for Forgiveness

Posted on March 1

©DelightfullyDifferentLife.com Photo taken in Honolulu, HI in 2007.

Immaculee Ilibagiza is the wonderful woman who inspired me to learn to forgive.  I got the chance to hear her speak and to meet her four years ago, and I encourage any of you who have the chance to hear …Continue reading →