Project Gratitude 2011, Day 56 8

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Today I am grateful that this Geico Gecko lookalike lives outside my home and not in it.  Lizards are common in Hawaii and the name gecko did not originate with  Geico who adopted them as their mascot.  I love them when they are outside my home as they eat insects including termites and cock roaches.  I am not so crazy about them when they make their way into my home.  They are also featured in Hawaiian legends.  You can read more about them by clicking on the link below:

Guardian Geckos – History, Facts & Lore Behind Hawaiian Geckos.

Additionally, I am grateful because I am a featured writer this week over at Help! S-O-S for Parents in the When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens series. 

Danette over at Help! S-O-S for Parents is an amazing individual who puts together a monthly Best of Best Edition on the fifteenth of every month that features topics of interests related to children with invisible special needs.  She is always looking for new bloggers to submit posts on featured topics.  Go over and check it out for more information.  She featured two of my articles on bullying related to school issues last week, so I am very grateful to Danette. 

However, Danette’s contributions do not end there.  Please visit her site for more details as she truly has a wealth of information to share.  Here is a hint; she will have featured book reviews in April with book give-a-ways including Delightfully Different.     

Addendum: S-O-S joined with OJTA in February 2012 to form 

Kung Hey Fat Choy 2011 7

Welcome the Year of the Rabbit!

LionHawaii’s population is approximately one third Chinese according to one of the writers for although that number includes those who are of mixed race like my children.  Therefore, like many homes in the islands we celebrate Chinese New Year.  Three years ago I even learned to make gau, a sticky brown sugar sweet treat made with rice flour to bring sweetness to the new year and help the family to stick together.  My mother-in-law makes the jai , a Chinese vegetarian dish for celebration of  the new lunar year.   

I am grateful for my multicultural family and that we live in Hawaii where children grow up respecting multiple cultures.  The Lion belongs to my son.  My children used to pretend to perform a lion dance and ask for money from us when they were younger.  Traditionally feeding the lion money is supposed to bring one luck and wealth.  Now our lion is mostly for decoration although my two still like getting money.  Lia see is the custom of giving lucky money in special red envelops to unwed children as a symbol of good luck and wealth.  For more about symbolism and Chinese New Year celebrations you may read: Symbolism holds sway for Chinese New Year – Hawaii Features –  And/or Life is Good| Changing Times blog, | Honolulu, Hawaii.

May you and yours have a year of harmony, joy, health, and prosperity!

Project Gratitude 4

Today I am grateful for so many things.  My son, who was home sick earlier this week, is well and no one else in the family is ill.  My husband returned safely from a business trip.  I live in the state with the best weather in the nation, and humpback whales visit us every winter.  I have two wonderful dogs.  I got to participate in a whimsical blog hop yesterday and I still get to read more fun responses from my blog friends this weekend.  

I hope all of my wonderful friends both in and out of blogland have a wonderful weekend!