Pondering Changing Directions 10

Cattle Egret - CopyBubulcus ibis - CopyMy camera 041

There is a new kid in town and no it is not this bird.  The bird is a Cattle Egret a.k.a. Bubulcus Ibis.  I have been wanting to get a picture of one and today I was able to do this.  His pictures seemed prefect for this post. 

The new kid is someone I love dearly and whom I totally support although I am not adding her link or mentioning where you can find her.  This is a precaution I feel strongly about since she is a minor.  I am following her just not publicly although I am glad others are following her publicly and I encourage you to do this if you have not.  I am very proud of her and I am passing the reins regarding sharing her story to her.     

That is why I am not answering questions directly related to her for future post although there will be a post of answers to questions on Mommy Lebron’s blog tomorrow.  She is aware of my answers and is okay with them, but I am not comfortable with any further questions directly about her.  Again, I want to protect her as much as possible while still encouraging her.   

Related to this, I am having thoughts about starting one or two new blogs.  I want to keep my life, as an advocate for tolerance and acceptance of differences for those with special needs, separate from things I want to post related to brain storming ideas and the writing process for my next novel.  I plan to change the tone of this blog to more general topics related to autism spectrum, bullying, and tolerance rather than specifically as it relates to my family. 

In addition, I still plan to continue to write about forgiveness and gratitude.  I am not sure if I should continue to post my forgiveness and gratitude posts here or start a third blog as obviously some of these posts are directly related to bullying issues and to my beautiful daughter.  Your thoughts on this one might help me with my decision.      

All of my blogs will be accessible from my author site as pages whatever I decide.  I hope you understand my decision.  I will be blogging here at least weekly until the end of the year.  I may decrease the posts here after that, but I do plan to keep the blog. 

Tribute to Dads 13

Today I pay tribute to all the fathers who support and love their children.  I wish all of you dads a very happy Father’s Day. God blessed me with a wonderful father as I have said many times in this blog. 

Dad helped me become the person I am today by demonstrating a caring heart and by always making me feel loved no matter what I did or how far away I lived.  I know I am one of the lucky ones because until the day he died, in an age without Internet or unlimited long distance phone calls, my dad called me frequently.  He waited until eleven at night his time to call so we could talk longer.  Thankfully, I did not have to stay up late to wait for those calls since I lived in a time zone two to six hours behind his.  I still miss hearing that voice on the other end of the land line, “Hey, I just wanted to see how you were doing…” 

His death left a hole in my heart until my son was born two years later and began to slowly fill that hole.  I see so much of my dad in him despite the fact that they never got a chance to know each other.  I know Dad would have loved him just as I know he loved my daughter although their time together was short.  He died when she was only fourteen months old. 

Today, I am grateful for the years I had with my wonderful dad, for the video I have of him with my daughter that allows me to still hear his voice, for my husband who does his best to live up to my expectations of being a good father; not easy to do because he has big shoes to fill, and for my two children who have taught me how much my father loved me.        

For your listening pleasure here is a link to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle, as this song expresses the love Dad and I shared.  I first heard it a few months after Dad died just as my daughter was starting to want to put flowers in her hair and least you forgot I had a pony.  I wrote about it here.    


Memorial Day Gratitude 10

USS Arizona.4 - CopyLooking down on USS Arizona - Copy

The United States celebrates Memorial Day this weekend.  I am grateful to all of the men and women who serve and who have served our country throughout history and to their families.   Today I am sharing pictures from Pearl Harbor since aside from terrorist acts this was the last time war actually touched U.S. soil. 

Please click on the pictures to get a clearer view.  The second picture is looking down on what is left of the deck.  Oil still slowly leaks from the ship so the view is not clear.  Fish now make the ship their home. 

The Gallent Men of The USS. Arizona - Copy

Remains.of.Ship.Today.1 - Copy

The bombing of Pearl Harbor brought the United States officially into WWII.  It directly affected my father as he was already in the army stationed in Panama at the time.  He then fought in the Philippines during the war.  Post-war he remained in the reserves, but he transferred to the air force and was a paratrooper during the Korean War. 

The bombing of Pearl Harbor also profoundly affected my husband’s family.  My father-in-law, a sixth grader at the time, thought the military was doing training maneuvers when he heard the planes so he and his sisters went to the roof of their store to watch.  The smoke coming from Pearl Harbor told the true story.  Even then he did not realize how much it would change his life. 

It would eventually lead to his being sent away to a military high school.  He would stay on the mainland for college and then join the army.  Eventually, he did return to Hawaii to help run the family store, but he missed growing up as a care-free island boy. 

Today I am especially grateful to those who made the supreme sacrifice to protect our freedom and to the families who have suffered the loss of their loved ones through their service to others.        

Weekly Gratitude Post 13

May 1994I said I do seventeen years ago today and I am still glad I did.  We had been through good times and bad together during which our love has never wavered.  We might not always agree with each other, but one thing we both agree on is our love for each other and for our two children.  Today I am grateful for my husband and our two children.