Cal’s Story Begins 1

Wondering about the birds? You’ll have to read the second novel to find out why they are here.

The purpose of this page is share my writing process as I begin brainstorming, outlining, researching, and writing my second novel on the road to publication. The earliest posts and prior comments will remain on my second blog with links to them listed here since I am no longer posting there.

Beginning Cal’s Story

It is still wordless Wednesday here, but I need to say a few words as I share the outline below for the first chapter of my next novel. Much of Cal’s story takes place among the trees and birds of Hawaii, … Continue reading →

Still Here

I have neglected this blog, but I am still working on the second novel despite all evidence to the contrary. I am taking notes as ideas occur to me and I have been researching some of my ideas along with … Continue reading →

Developing Characters, Genre and More Brainstorming

The two things I am sure of as I continue brainstorming and begin research for the next novel is that Cal, Mia’s brother, will have a prominent role and Mia will also play a part.  I am definitely leaning towards … Continue reading →

Inspirations and Story Ideas

I am beginning to brain storm ideas for my second novel using my first novel and the experiences and ideas of my own delightful children as my inspiration.  I used the mother, Francesca’s and daughter, Mia’s POV for my first … Continue reading →

No U Turns in Life Either

I started posting outlines last January and a friend suggested I was trying to put too much in the first chapter. She was right. I do not plan to post the complete story here, but I want to share the beginning with you and get your input.

Wow! Mia is practically glowing. I guess I would be too if I were her. How many people get to hear their high school orchestra play their composition at their own graduation? It’s amazing how far she’s come in the last seven years. I still remember the horror our family went through ….

Mia, what is wrong with you? Mom did you see that? She tried to hit me with her bag. Aren’t you going to do something?

Mom asked me to please be quiet until we got home. Then she just talked to Mia instead of punishing her. Mom’s raised eyebrows and piercing green eyes greeted me in the rearview mirror, when I started to say more. She actually made me feel bad for upsetting Mia instead of defending me like I thought she would….Continue reading ⟶

Sun-kissed Beaches, Turquoise and Aquamarine Water, and Cool Ocean Breezes: Just Another Day at the Beach

Mia seems so confident paddling towards the shore that it makes me smile. I bet no one would ever have guessed that she had been through hell and back seven years ago or that I went through hell with her. Now, I cannot imagine how I could ever have thought she hated me or how much I wished I was an only child. God blessed me with the best sister. I felt salty water splashed in my face as I yelled, “Whatcha do that for?” Aukai laughingly asks, “Are you daydreaming man?” “What? No, why?” Continue reading→