Book Reviews

I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to book reviews although I do love to read and I have learned so much since publishing my début novel. Please realize that my opinions are merely my own.

Intriguing Last Minute Gift for the Booklover

Are you looking for a last-minute gift for the adventure lover, one that will arrive on time? How about an e-book? I recently read Elise Stokes’ captivating YA novel, Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula and fell in love with her … Continue reading →

Research, the Difference Between Believable or Unbelievable

I recently read Jodi Picoult’s novel, House Rules, and while one small error made the entire premise of her book unbelievable for me, I still enjoyed the book. The error is not something  most people would notice as it is … Continue reading →

Rachel B. Cohen-Rottenberg, Trail Blazer

Rachel, who blogs at Journeys with Autism and runs the wonderful blog, Autism and Empathy, sent me a PDF copy of her latest book, Blazing My Trail: Living and Thriving with Autism to review a while back.  This is Rachel’s second … Continue reading →

Insightful Book Giveaway for Autism Awareness

I reviewed The Uncharted Path: My Journey with Late-Diagnosed Autism by Rachel B. Cohen-Rottenberg. Rachel Cohen-Rottenberg’s book is an insightful gem that gives us glimpses into her life from early childhood to adulthood showing decades of struggles before she is diagnosed. …Continue reading →