How Do You Know? Recognizing and Teaching Kindness via Special-Ism 4

How do you know anything? Did you know World Kindness Day is November 13, 2012? When did you first recognize an act of kindness? Do you remember?

The Challenge
More than one person has told me that some special needs children and adults do not realize when others are mean to them. Others may recognize someone is mean, but they may believe this is just the way the world is and they are powerless to change it.

So how do we convince them that they matter? Can we teach them …. Read More


  1. I totally missed World Kindness Day. Not that I don’t make a point to practice kindness every day, but that there was even a day set aside for kindness.

    A single day. That doesn’t seem like enough.

    As far as the assumption that people with disabilities don’t realize when people are mean to them. Boy is that a generalization! It’s one particular skill. Nothing more and nothing less. There are people with disabilities that have it and people without disabilities that really don’t. It can be taught–at least the subskills can be taught. So, I guess that means it’s a set of skills that work together for an outcome–discernment.

    • You did not miss it. It is tomorrow and I agree one day is not enough. It should be everyday. And, yes I agree that not all with special needs lack understanding and that even those without special needs can lack it.

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