Labels! Labels! Positives Only for Self-Esteem Please! 2

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Negative Medical Terminology

Have you noticed that special needs diagnoses have negative terms like deficit, hyperactive, pervasive, disorder, and syndrome? Would having these terms used to describe you help your self-esteem? How do you think it makes our children feel?

The reality is they are the “correct” medical terms. They are the terms on medical records that follow our children throughout their lives. However, is it any wonder that our children have problems with self-esteem …. Read more at


  1. I understand your point but I don’t think the problem is the label, it’s the stigma, it’s the prejudice and the people that don’t challenge the hatred. Labels can be neutral. For example, the term gay for many is an insult and a bad thing but if you take out the bigotry it’s an identity and something many feel proud of being. Disabilities and Autism are neutral labels, they are identities based on characteristics we have, it’s only turns into something bad when people choose to see their prejudice on those terms and increase stigma, when people think anything not normal is a disorder and that not following the normal order makes you bad.
    I have no problem with labels and I’m proud of many identities I have, that gave me self-esteem, having others sharing those labels in communities helped me, I have problems with the stigma and with people that think others are inferior based on differences.
    It would make no sense for me to stop using labels, it doesn’t matter if it’s autistic, disabled, lesbian, woman, etc, all of those things are considered bad for people that don’t see beyond their prejudice. People are going to judge others for anything, a disability, gender, race, having a sickness, anything.
    There is nothing wrong with being different, we should teach that, people are going to be marked as different anyway, giving positive meaning to identities/labels is better than fighting the labels.
    That’s how I think.

    • Alicia,
      I agree with you 100%, but I am not talking about autism or disabilities or gay. I am talking about medical terms like deficit which means too little or failing as in ADHD, and syndrome which in medical terms relates to symptoms characteristic of a disorder, and disorder which in medical terms is an abnormal condition.

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