My School Bully Buster Recommendations 4

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My School Bully Buster Recommendations

Has your child been hurt by others’ words? Did someone say something about her choice of clothes or about her ability to answer the teacher’s questions? Has she been left out or excluded from some outing or event her “friends” attended? Do others accuse her of overreacting? Just because people have always been mean to those with differences does not mean that we have to continue to empower those who are mean or make the ones they victimize feel like the guilty ones.

The Role of Words and Actions

Recently Susan Diamond wrote a post titled Tips on Teasing. My initial reaction was one of being punched in the stomach, yet I know that wasn’t Diamond’s intention…

Click on the link above to read why word choice is important and why teachers, school counselors and school administration need to change their roles to solve the problem. Then share the link to help spread the word because your support matters!


  1. This was a very helpful link. Adults forget there is more to working with the victim of bullying than to tell them to go tell.

  2. Such an important thing to seriously try to tackle school bullying. My life was made a misery at school.Instead of school being a place that enhances a child’s natural curiosity and marvel, it was a place of fear and loneliness. School bullying is torture. William Golding encapsulated this theme so well in Lord of The Flies.

    • Mahalo for sharing your story. I hope one day the torture that takes place in schools will end. Lord of the Flies definitely told the story.

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