The Promised Review of “Bully” at Special-Ism 4

Documentary Film Maker, Lee Hirsch Sends a Wake Up Call to America With His Powerful “Bully” and the Bully Project

Too few really understand the damage caused to our children by words, by deeds, and by the apathetic responses victims of bullying receive from the very people who should be protecting them. This damage can be even greater to vulnerable special needs children. Yet, Lee Hirsch captures this in his film in a way that is undeniable although he never identifies two of the children in the film as having Asperger’s.

My Personal Experience
I know more than most the devastation caused by society’s failures since my daughter experienced this when her school counselor reacted much the same way as the school in Iowa portrayed in Hirsch’s Bully movie. I went over the counselor’s head to get help and I sought outside help as well. Yet, four years later the same school again failed my daughter….Read More


  1. When the school social worker said, in the meeting that I called, “Kids can be so cruel,” I said, “That’s a cop-out. Kids can be so kind, as well.”

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