Enormous Gratitude 4

Today I am grateful that Steve Jobs saw his and others’ differences as a good thing and chose to be vocal about his insights. I hope others will remember his example and realize that those with differences really are the ones who change the world for the better.

I am also grateful that Hawaii is finally getting more active in the fight against bullying and that Hawaii News Now interviewed my daughter and me about this. I am also grateful that I had a chance to talk about how everyone can help this week in a nineteen minute health segment on Dr. Kathleen Kozak’s show on Hawaii Public Radio.


  1. A great interview, a great and noble cause…I am so proud that you have chosen to undertake this endeavor. There are so many, many kids literal lives at stake and people fail to recognize the power of the oppressor (bully). Every ally of students make so very much of a profound difference in the lives of our young.

    • Thanks Phil! I actually think the endeavor chose me instead of me choosing it though. I do believe every ally is extremely important.

    • Oh no! I guess I was not clear. I am the one at the radio station. She was interviewed by a local television news reporter and I am very proud of her for doing this. However, my daughter asked me not to give the link to it on this blog. That is why it is not linked. Everyone who has seen it thinks she did great, but how do you convince a teenager of that?

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