Focusing on Gratitude 8

Two thousand and one is a significant year for my family like it is for others. However, the significance for us is different and in hindsight it still is affecting us, so rather than dwell on a deep sadness that I am still unsuccessfully trying to heal, I choose to be grateful for nature and for my two September babies who were still so innocent on that fateful day.  One had just celebrated his third birthday and loved planes and the other one was anticipating her sixth birthday just days after that day.

Today I am grateful for the wonderful Kolea who I wrote about last February and who returned to my home three weeks ago.  These birds are one of God’s most amazing creatures as they fly from Alaska to the Hawaii every fall and fly back every spring a trip that I learned today takes them around fifty hours.  You can read more about this impressive bird at Hana Hou: The Magazine of Hawaiian Airlines – Current Issue.


  1. Hello Sue,

    I am grateful for your posts on gratitude. They are a good reminder to focus on our blessings, and I always feel better when I do that. Thank you.

    I used to be impressed with the fact that aeroplanes could cross oceans, but that little bird is truly amazing!

    • Thanks Lisa! Yes, I would love to fly to Alaska too although I don’t think I would enjoy taking fifty hours to get there. Birds that migrate are so amazing and especially this one because he flies over the ocean and he cannot swim.

  2. I am really appreciative of your posts on gratitude. I reminds me to be thankful to universe and Source for every little and big crisis that we overcome with my son. Hopefully, this posture of mindful gratitude will have a spiraling effect on us all. Thanks for the constant reminder because it is often lost in the hectic world in which we participate. Gratitude is a very comforting feeling …

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