Nice Weather, Good Food, Old Friends and Kind Strangers 4

I am grateful that all of my family and friends up and down the Eastern Coast survived Hurricane Irene and I am grateful for nice weather here.  I am posting less as things here have been a little crazy as I mentioned previously.  I wish I could tell you that things have improved.  I am still working on that.  However, two wonderful things happened three weeks ago today.  My old friend who happens to work in computer forensics for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation visited and agreed to be my go-to person for questions as I write my second novel about cyber-bullying.  It was wonderful to see her and to meet a new friend who was traveling with her too.

The back kept me from taking them out, but I picked up my favorite local food, Gina’s Korean Barbeque for them and stopped by everyone’s favorite place for Malasadas, Leonard’s Bakery for Malasada Puffs for dessert.  Not exactly a low cal meal, but definitely ono aka yummy.  I was so excited about seeing my friend that I did not notice that I also dropped my wallet at Leonard’s.  I realized it was missing the next morning.  Relief and gratitude filled my heart and mind when I learned Leonard’s had it.  Mahalo to the person who found it although I do not know your name.  Aloha is alive and well in Honolulu!


  1. Okay I wasn’t hungry before reading your post and now I am. LOL
    The second book sounds like it will be really interesting. I’m glad of your good fortune and your time with friends.

    • Thanks Grace! It really was fun and the food is so good, but we rarely have it because it is unhealthy, kind of like southern cooking. I love the Korean vegies too, but they are high in sodium.

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