Pondering Changing Directions 10

Cattle Egret - CopyBubulcus ibis - CopyMy camera 041

There is a new kid in town and no it is not this bird.  The bird is a Cattle Egret a.k.a. Bubulcus Ibis.  I have been wanting to get a picture of one and today I was able to do this.  His pictures seemed prefect for this post. 

The new kid is someone I love dearly and whom I totally support although I am not adding her link or mentioning where you can find her.  This is a precaution I feel strongly about since she is a minor.  I am following her just not publicly although I am glad others are following her publicly and I encourage you to do this if you have not.  I am very proud of her and I am passing the reins regarding sharing her story to her.     

That is why I am not answering questions directly related to her for future post although there will be a post of answers to questions on Mommy Lebron’s blog tomorrow.  She is aware of my answers and is okay with them, but I am not comfortable with any further questions directly about her.  Again, I want to protect her as much as possible while still encouraging her.   

Related to this, I am having thoughts about starting one or two new blogs.  I want to keep my life, as an advocate for tolerance and acceptance of differences for those with special needs, separate from things I want to post related to brain storming ideas and the writing process for my next novel.  I plan to change the tone of this blog to more general topics related to autism spectrum, bullying, and tolerance rather than specifically as it relates to my family. 

In addition, I still plan to continue to write about forgiveness and gratitude.  I am not sure if I should continue to post my forgiveness and gratitude posts here or start a third blog as obviously some of these posts are directly related to bullying issues and to my beautiful daughter.  Your thoughts on this one might help me with my decision.      

All of my blogs will be accessible from my author site as pages whatever I decide.  I hope you understand my decision.  I will be blogging here at least weekly until the end of the year.  I may decrease the posts here after that, but I do plan to keep the blog. 


  1. Whew, I’ve been AWAL for a while. Life has been busy. I don’t think I could write anymore than the one blog as the social media platforms to also pay attention to keeps me busy. Best wishes towards you endeavors.

    • Grace,
      I get the time factor and that is why this blog’s post will decrease to just once a week probably once I establish the second blog. I do think I have ruled out a third and I will keep the gratitude weekly post here in addition to at least a monthly post, and hopefully more frequently posts, related to bullying and/ or autism spectrum.

      I am starting work on my second novel which will dive into Cal, Mia’s brother’s life more and will also change from just fictional to more action adventure or fantasy fiction. I haven’t decided which yet, but I know boys are less likely to read a story like Delightfully Different since I have a 12 year old boy in my own house. The story will also include the details of Mia’s life from seventh grade into college. The more I interact with other writers the more I see that my current blog is being seen as just an advocate blog and I am not being taken seriously as a writer yet.

  2. BBs Mum,
    Thank you! I just hope we all manage to stay connected somehow. I really value the friendships and understanding I have found in the autism blogging community along with all of the new insights that have helped me to be a better mom. You and many others are part of the good that came out of the what was initially a bad situation.

  3. There must be something in the air – it seems several of us are thinking about our bloggy future! Do whatever you think best, you’ve been an inspiration.

  4. I have recently begun to follow your posts and encourage you to write as much and as freely as possible. I have found the information and insight to be heartening, genuine and thought stimulating. Whatever path you choose, I am certainly interested in following as it’s a true education and inspiration for me..

    • Phil,
      I appreciate your support and understanding. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Adam really is lucky to have you and Sharon as I said on your blog, but you are also lucky to have him. I do not understand how anyone can see the light in your son’s eyes and not know that he is still there and want to help you. I plan to post an update to the previous blog on forgiveness sometime later this week and I hope you’ll stop by again and comment when I do.

    • Ima Westie,
      It is so nice to see you on my blog. I’ve been reading your comment’s on Fi’s blog for a while.

      I have to tell you that it took me a while to figure out how to make more time for blogging. However, writing is now my career and I view it as such. I haven’t worked at another job, except of course being a parent and advocate, in the last four years. There are also nights when I stay up later than I should. That part is not so good.

      As AK Butler mentions in her comment, blogging is a personal thing and we all blog for various reasons; therefore, you post when you want to post. Don’t worry about how often others post.

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