Tribute to Dads 13

Today I pay tribute to all the fathers who support and love their children.  I wish all of you dads a very happy Father’s Day. God blessed me with a wonderful father as I have said many times in this blog. 

Dad helped me become the person I am today by demonstrating a caring heart and by always making me feel loved no matter what I did or how far away I lived.  I know I am one of the lucky ones because until the day he died, in an age without Internet or unlimited long distance phone calls, my dad called me frequently.  He waited until eleven at night his time to call so we could talk longer.  Thankfully, I did not have to stay up late to wait for those calls since I lived in a time zone two to six hours behind his.  I still miss hearing that voice on the other end of the land line, “Hey, I just wanted to see how you were doing…” 

His death left a hole in my heart until my son was born two years later and began to slowly fill that hole.  I see so much of my dad in him despite the fact that they never got a chance to know each other.  I know Dad would have loved him just as I know he loved my daughter although their time together was short.  He died when she was only fourteen months old. 

Today, I am grateful for the years I had with my wonderful dad, for the video I have of him with my daughter that allows me to still hear his voice, for my husband who does his best to live up to my expectations of being a good father; not easy to do because he has big shoes to fill, and for my two children who have taught me how much my father loved me.        

For your listening pleasure here is a link to Butterfly Kisses by Bob Carlisle, as this song expresses the love Dad and I shared.  I first heard it a few months after Dad died just as my daughter was starting to want to put flowers in her hair and least you forgot I had a pony.  I wrote about it here.    



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  2. A lovely post – I’m so glad that you were blessed to have such a wonderful father! He sounds like a wonderful man and one who I am sure is watching over you and your lovely family.

    Chloe xx

  3. Your dad sounds so wonderful
    I loved the descriptions in your book as well ( of your dad)

  4. Hello Sue,
    Thanks for the Happy Father’s Day wish.
    You and your Dad had a very special relationship.
    Thanks for posting the song and the lesson learned when your pony bolted. That’s a lesson I will try and remember when my adult kids are sorting out their own problems – maybe I should back off a bit 🙂

    • Bruce,
      I am glad you enjoyed the post. I am one of the lucky ones when it comes to father/daughter relationships for which I am still grateful. I think it has made me have too high of expectations for my husband sometimes though. Regarding backing off a bit, I think that is one every parent struggles with including me.

      I hope you had a very happy Father’s Day! My poor husband was ill, so although we did our best to make it happy for him while still letting him rest, it certainly wasn’t his best ever Father’s Day.

  5. This is a beatiful post. I go to school in a city two hours away from my father, but I visit sometimes and he and I meet for lunch whenever he is in my city on business. I look forward to those times very much. It’s funny – we have never been close in the traditional sense – never had deep conversations, never shared our inner feelings, never just “hung out” – but I do enjoy spending time with him. While he is not on the autism spectrum, I think he is one of the many who make up the broader autism phenotype. Perhaps this is why we haven’t needed to be traditionally close to still have a good relationship. Very little about autistic interaction is “traditional.”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I’m glad Rachel has been such a big help to you. Feel free to add my name to the list of those who might be able to offer some insight. 🙂

    • “Traditional” like “normal” can be overrated sometimes. I am glad you have a good relationship with your dad.

      Thank you so much for the e-mail address. I am going to add it to my address book.

  6. Thanks Paula! I always knew we were related somehow! lol I hope you are doing well and Jim has a Happy Father’s Day.

  7. That’s a great picture of you two Sue. He reminds me of my granddad on my Mom’s side! THoughtful post!

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