Injured Yet Still Grateful 19

No, I have not disappeared off the face of the earth or stopped blogging!  Instead, I injured my back a couple of weeks ago.  I, like many in the medical profession, suffer from hardheadedness.  Therefore, I self treated for a week and a half before finally going to the doctor. 

This week an MRI confirmed that I have a compression fracture of L1 of my lumbar spine.  Therefore, I am now wearing this contraption otherwise known as a Pictures from my camera 011 - CopyCASH (cruciform anterior spinal hyper-extension) brace to avoid further injury.  I am grateful that I did not cause myself to have nerve damage during the time I avoided going to the doctor.  I am grateful that I had the foresight to use my walking poles, an over-the-counter lumbar brace made by Futuro, ice and rest at least.  I am also grateful that both of my children have been home to help.  My injury happened after my son’s school ended. 

I am grateful for wonderful friends and family who have also offered to help run errands.  I am also grateful for my in-laws who have been sending food over so I have not had to cook.  In addition, I am grateful that I have a couple of more weeks to heal before a book signing I have scheduled at the local Barnes and Noble.         

My back still hurts when I sit for long so I will be gradually increasing my blogging as I improve.  Please bear with me and realize I am still reading your blogs, but I have trouble typing for long on my i-phone so that is why I am not commenting.  I plan to start gradually walking with my walking poles and brace next week so hopefully with this and with doing therapeutic back exercises I will be okay to sit for the hour needed for the book signing.  

I also have a request.  My brother had complications from his surgery and his pathology report indicated his cancer is in multiple locations although thankfully the MRI done prior to his surgery did not show it was in any other organs.  Please add him to your pray list if you are so inclined as he will need to undergo radiation therapy once he heals from his surgery.   


  1. Thank you everyone for all of your positive thoughts, kind words and prayers. I am so grateful for my wonderful blogging community. You are all the best!
    I hope you are all doing well too. I know other bloggers have also been having problems over the last few weeks. I hope to slowly start making rounds to your blogs next week.

  2. It is nice to have you back and not laying on your back, lol. I am glad you are healed.

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