Weekly Gratitude Post 13

May 1994I said I do seventeen years ago today and I am still glad I did.  We had been through good times and bad together during which our love has never wavered.  We might not always agree with each other, but one thing we both agree on is our love for each other and for our two children.  Today I am grateful for my husband and our two children.          


  1. Thank you everyone! I’m late replying because I fell and injured my back. Today is the first day I have felt up to sitting at the computer. I am grateful for ice packs, walking poles, a lumbar support for my chair, for Advil, and for a back brace. I am on the mend thankfully.

    • Oh no – sorry to hear you’ve hurt your back…but glad to hear you’re on the mend 😀

      Hope you’re back to full health VERY soon Sue!! (and not in too much pain…)

      Chloe xx

      • Chloe,
        Thank you! Those in the medical profession make the worse patients and I am no exception. I have been self treating with ice, Advil, and an over the counter back brace. Luckily, I also own walking poles which I used the first few days when the pain was bad, it is now better. I am still having muscle spasms on one side so I may make a doctor’s appointment this week. I am still limiting my computer time as a result just because sitting upright for too long is still painful. I am sure I will continue to improve.

  2. How wonderful – Happy Anniversary to you both! My hubby and I just passed the 20th anniversary of our first date, which seems unbelievable to me!!

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