Tribute to Mothers 14

I actually wrote a tribute to my mother in February which you can read here if you missed it.  She died over six years ago and I still miss her.  I can only imagine how much those who lose their parents at a young age miss them. What about those who bury their children?

Today, I also pay tribute to Phoebe Prince’s mom who faced those who tormented her child in court this week and who will spend her second mother’s day without getting to hear her beautiful daughter say Happy Mother’s Day.  Despite what must have been a very painful week for her she praised Ashley Longe, one of those who bullied her daughter, for meeting with her privately before the hearing and for showing true remorse.  You can watch the video of her confronting the bullies here

I also pay tribute to all of the other mothers who have lost their precious children to suicide following bullying in our schools.  I pray other children, parents and school administrators are paying attention and that changes are made in our schools and in our society so this stops before others die.  God bless the families for whom this is too late and God bless all of our children!


  1. Hello Sue
    A very powerful message. I came here last night but didn’t click on either link because I didn’t feel strong enough, I was already emotionally drained. But this evening I started with your tribute to your Mother and that gave me a lift and made me feel happy.
    Then I clicked the other link and it was very sad to see. Such a terrible loss to suffer. I am glad Phoebe’s Mom was able to reconcile with one of the kids.
    And I’m glad you are working to end bullying.

    • Bruce,
      I hate making you or anyone else sad, but I watched Phoebe’s mom’s story and I felt it needed to be shared. It reminded me that “There but by the grace of God go I.” I am so grateful my daughter talked to me instead of handling bullying another way. Too many have died after bullying and seeing how Phoebe’s mom handled herself made me want to do a tribute to her for Mother’s Day. I really hope her loss will help to change the world.

      It is time that we teach kindness and tolerance to our children and stop turning the other way as a society when children or adults are mean. It is an area dear to my heart as you know. We are out of the school now, but so many others aren’t and it really is time to change the world. I can learn to forgive, but I cannot forget and I hope others will not forget either.

  2. Beautiful tribute, Sue.

    Phoebe Prince’s mom is an amazing woman to have acknowledged the remorse of the young woman who sat down with her and tried to make amends. That must have been a healing moment in an otherwise horrendous situation.

  3. That is a sad sad story and my heart goes out to that mother. Her daughter’s life has changed so many lives by her living and death.

    • Grace,
      Yes, her daughter’s life touched many others and I hope it will continue to do so and that this will bring some comfort to her.

  4. It must be so difficult for a mother to lose her child, especially to something as evil as bullying. I pray too that people will become more aware of what they can do to put a stop to it xx

    • Chloe,
      I have to believe that someday good will come out of the evil that has taken so many young lives. I hope the young woman who apologized will somehow go on to make a positive difference in the world. One out of six is not the best percentage, but it is a start in the right direction. Maybe one day the others will wake up and make some positive changes too.

  5. Very nice–I read your post about your mom a few months ago–jealous of good mother/daughter relationships…. Trying so hard to keep one with my daughter while realizing I’ll never have the parents I wanted. Your mom was obviously special and I know she’d be thrilled with you at this stage in your life. Happy Mother’s Day Sue!

    • Lisa,
      Thank you! God blessed me with two loving parents. They were not always prefect and neither am I, but I always knew I was loved and that is what I try to make sure my children both know too. It would be nice if all children had loving relationships with their parents, but I realize not everyone does.

      I know you are a wonderful mother to your daughter because I see her comments on your blog sometimes. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and I hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods. Stay safe my friend!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day! Yes, these holidays can bring up mixed emotions for those who’ve lost a parent or a child. I hope, and know, that you will find comfort in your darling girl this Mother’s Day.

    • Suzanne,
      Happy Mother’s Day to you too! I am so grateful for both of my children this Mother’s Day and every day.

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