Gratitude for Inspiring Daughter 11

I am proud of both of my children as I have mentioned before on this blog.  This week I am particularly grateful for and proud of how mature my daughter has become.  We enrolled her in a prestigious private school when she was five.  This was before she had the diagnosis of Asperger’s.  

She has done extremely well academically, yet we had recent struggles related to past bullying at her school and years of being misunderstood.  She made a difficult decision this week and handled it with great maturity for any child who is fifteen years old, let alone a fifteen year old on the autism spectrum.  We have encouraged her to become her own advocate and she has.  She even met with and politely informed the Dean of her school of her decision and the reason behind it.  Both her dad and I are so proud of her and stand behind her decision 100 percent. 



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  2. Your daughter’s ability to advocate for herself will make a great difference in her life and is a reflection of the love and acceptance she feels at home. So pleased for you and for her.

    • Diane,
      Thank you! I hope it makes a difference. The sad truth is one key player did not listen this time and by the time she talked to others it was too late for a positive outcome. Still, it is progress and we are very proud of her.

  3. Wow – it must be so wonderful to see your daughter’s strength continue to grow. How wonderful that she is able to take on the challenges in her life in this way xx

  4. Woohoo!!! Well done everyone!
    Thank you Sue, for such a positive post.
    **SMILES from the UK, comming you way. 🙂
    Love and hugs.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

  5. Glad I came across your blog is nice to read about children on the spectrum doing so well and also about girls with autism as opposed to just boys (even through my child who has a diagnosis of AS is in-fact a boy)
    Great post

    • I am glad you stopped by and commented. I am very proud of the way my daughter is maturing, but believe me when I say she still has challenges. The pride I feel today is because she was able to explain her challenges to an adult authority figure other than her parents. I am also proud that she realized her school environment had become too toxic for her and she expressed this to me in clear terms which is why her dad and I support her decision.

      School credits can be made up during the summer. They are not worth risking emotional health and well-being.

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