Gratitude for Supportive Family and Friends 6

This past week I have not felt as grateful as I normally do for personal reasons.   Today I am grateful for my family and my blogging friends who reached out to offer support.  I am also grateful for the blue lights that many used to show support for Autism Awareness.  We turned our outside lights blue and we wore blue too.  Did you?  I know many of my blogging friends did because I saw their pictures on Facebook.

I am also grateful that President Obama wrote a formal proclamation making April second officially Autism Awareness Day from this day forward.


  1. I love how you post a weekly gratitude post…so many folks forget to look around and see all of the GOOD things that are happening in the world…and in our lives.

    I might try this myself as it might help with my ‘black dog’…depression 😀 xx

    • Chloe,
      It does help to remember the positives in our lives especially during those times when things are not going the way we hoped or planned.

  2. I’ve been reading your posts as I get them through e-mail so I can keep you with you in this journey. I’m proud to say I did wear blue. Unconsciously I picked out a blue top and blue jeans so I was in one accord with the movement and the Spirit.
    It is hard to be grateful when hard time befall ones we love or upon ourselves but I have found when I look back on situations it was those times that was a point of growth. I read in one of your posts that the counselors were more sympathetic this time and so I would take that as an encouragement that they have grown and things are being brought to their attention and things are occurring in their lives which have brought realization and compassion to your daughter’s case.
    Blessings to you my friend and you always have my support.

  3. You always have my support and my hopes and prayers that life will be easier for you and your family, especially with your struggles …

    I always think (and blog) – “… More often than not, we get over the toughies! What’s left is our stronger selves, wiser and ever more capable to face life and all it’s challenges. Life’s a charm, a party!

    Stay strong!

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