Trust Is a Fragile Thing 14

Every Child Deserves Acceptance and Love

This is a picture of my innocent child with her grandfather in a shared moment of happiness.  She did not get to know her wonderful grandfather because this was his last birthday.  This child like every child on earth deserves understanding, acceptance, and love.

How Do You Recover Lost Trust?

Two days ago the Word Press post-a-day topic was a question.  “How do you recover lost trust?”  The bonus promote was:  “If someone lets you down or betrays you, how do you learn to forgive?  And can you possibly learn to trust them again?  Why or why not?”

I have repeatedly mentioned that I believe in forgiveness.  I have explained why in prior posts so I am not going to repeat myself today.  You can click Forgiveness and Gratitude from the menu at the top of this page for more information. However, I do want you to understand that I too still struggle with forgiveness as my child still struggles with the effects of being misunderstood and with the effects of past bullying.

One of the effects is lost trust. My child lost trust in doctors because doctors misdiagnosed her when she had classic traits of Asperger’s and  sensory sensitivities from the time she was a toddler. We took her to these doctors. We listened to their poor advice before I finally said enough and took her for a full evaluation with a neuropsychologist where we first heard the word Asperger’s.

More Trust Lost

Our family was just starting to mend when bullies made things worse. This resulted in more lost trust as we had to force her to go to school on the advice of the school and the psychologist. We tried to convince her to switch schools the following year; however, Asperger’s makes change difficult and we did not insist because the school worked with us.

Prayers and Education

I pray everyday for help to forgive those who hurt my child. I am not sure how to get trust back, but I believe forgiveness will help. This is why I wrote the book. That is why it is so important to educate others.

Please help me educate others so no more sweet innocent children are misunderstood or mistreated.


My daughter left the school of her dreams after this publication when an English teacher single-handedly decided that my daughter was too “high functioning” to have Asperger’s. This same teacher reported my daughter as a disciplinary problem when she missed school due to sinus infections with laryngitis brought on by stress.

This was while the school counselor and I were trying to help my daughter with issues related to the long-term effects of bullying and still having to deal with those involved. The combination of the teacher’s attitude and the other things she was dealing with caused my daughter to shut down. Yet, she managed to bravely tell the school dean of her decision to withdraw from the school due to their failures. You can read about it here: Gratitude for Inspiring Daughter. That was almost two years ago and during that time I have helped my daughter with symptoms of PTSD while working to forgive all the people who failed her including us.

She is on the mend and dreams of going away to college to escape Oahu and start fresh. You can help her accomplish this goal by sharing our story and purchasing my novel. Right now her dream college is out of our budget. BTW We live on an island in the middle of the Pacific, so the only way she can go away is to pay out-of-state tuition.


  1. Hi Sue-
    I agree..I also think trust is harder than forgiveness. In my own personal experience-I find it hardest to forgive myself-especially in let go when things happened beyond my control..sigh…

  2. The photo is so precious. However, it sheds a little bit of sadness, isn’t it?

    And you are so right, trust is a fragile thing! You may truly forgive someone, but can you easily regain trusting that someone? I think trust is harder to give back, even after forgiveness.

    • Lisa,
      My wonderful friend believe me I get where you are coming from and certainly this week forgiveness is not easy for me either. Still, I know in my heart it is the best solution. I just have to keep reminding myself sometimes and luckily I have family to remind me when I forget. Thank you for, “daughter is beautiful…”

  3. Hi Sue!
    Thanks for sharing your blog on forgiveness. It is so necessary in our lives and something that we have to keep working on throughout our lives. I love the picture that you placed to go along with your message! Your Dad and Mom are looking down with pride on you! My blue light will be on!

  4. Sue,
    I am so sorry for your hurt and your daughter’s hurt. Thinking about someone bullying Dawson just makes my chest tight and my heart ache. So the only words I have are I am so sorry. I think by writing and sharing your journey you are finding a way to forgive them.

  5. Sue, I’m so sorry for all the crap that your family has had to go through because of bad Drs and bullies…..but I’m so proud of the attitude you’ve taken towards forgiveness .
    We have our blue light globe in ready to show the world xx

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