Autism Awareness for Our Girls Too 17

Go here to see Taylor Morris’ video.

Taylor Morris and many others have worked to change the perception of girls on the autism spectrum as you just watched. However, we still need to do more.

April is Autism Awareness Month in the United States. I would love to see it be the month we really educate others about girls on the autism spectrum. They are still under-served and under-diagnosed which has been a recurrent theme of mine as you can see from my earlier posts starting in November 2010 by clicking here and then again on March third by clicking here.

Teachers, counselors, and parents continue to miss subtle signs of our high functioning girls. This can cause dire consequences to our girls’ self-esteem which predisposes them to other problems including bullying by others. I am working to change this as is Michelle Haney.Click on the link below to learn more about this: – Berry students professor to present autism research.


  1. Well, I think she’s awesome! I can tell she’s more than capable academically.

    The thing about being diagnosed is suddenly the child becomes labeled and have to overcome the stigma that comes with the disorder. However, if the disorder comes with awesome powers and capabilities, being diagnosed shouldn’t pose so much problems, especially for girls who are under served, under-diagnosed but awesome anyway regardless of the diagnosis. More importantly, an accurate diagnosis always brings about better understanding and help needed.

    I have very few first-hand knowledge on this Autism. Thanks for sharing your advocacy. You certainly brings enlightenment to this issue.

    • Charlotte,
      Better understanding and help is exactly what our girls need so they can show the world how awesome they truly are. Thank you for your support. It means a lot to know others understand.

    • You are welcome. Thank you for writing your post too. I’m going to comment there in a minute. I think the more of us that speak out about our girls the better. AK Butler at Try Defying Gravity and her friends did a “shout” at “Parents” magazine last week to get them to realize how overlooking Autism Awareness month in their April issue was a mistake and it worked. You can reach her site from my blogroll and read her Shout post of March 23, 2011.

      It is time for those of us with girls on the spectrum to “shout” it as well until people start to listen. Our girls deserve support and understanding just as much as the boys. The studies need to include them and we need to educate people so girls get diagnosed sooner.

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  4. I like the Taylor Morris video. I’ve seen a couple other interviews with her on the Exceptional Family site.

    Good to see some more folks doing some serious research on Asperger’s in females. Thanks for sharing.

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