Explaining Tsunami Causes, Fears, etc. 10

I do not know if CNN or Fox showed the video of the exposed reef on Oahu, but seeing the initial video scared me in a way I cannot even begin to explain.  This is my neighborhood.  I have walked along this beach with my children when they were small.  I have read stories that talk about the force of the waves that come in after the waves recede.  My home is not in an evacuation zone, but there are only five houses between me and the street where the zone ends.  A drainage canal that goes from the mountains to the ocean is directly behind my home.

The news caster mentioned seeing a pueo, a Hawaiian owl, swoop down near the water.  I have lived in this neighborhood for seventeen years and I have never heard an owl although I have listened for them at nighttime.  They are no longer plentiful in this neighborhood like they once were.  You can read more about the pueo and the role they play in Hawaiian legends by clicking on this link:

Pueo, The Protector – The Hawaiian Owl.

I found a very information article to explain tsunami risks that might explain further how and why this force of nature occurs.  You can click on the link below to read it:


A wonderful young woman, our former baby sitter, dog and house sitter, and daughter of our close friends is currently in Japan for a year of college study.  Thankfully she is okay.  My children attend school with Japanese nationals and others who have family in Japan.  Some of their classmates spend spring breaks and/ or summers in Japan.  Spring break begins here on the eighteenth of this month and some probably would have been there if this were just one week later.  The headmaster at my daughter’s school is there now, but he too thankfully is okay.

I hope all of you will continue to pray for those in Japan and forgive me for not commenting on other issues now.  I turned fifty-three on Saturday, but we kept the celebration small, just family as this week has already held too much excitement as I know my friends on the spectrum will understand.  I will return to my regular blogs later this week, but I need a break as I continue to pray for those in Japan and try to get my family back on schedule for Monday after our sleepless Thursday night.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Still praying for those in Japan every day.
    BTW, I realize you have bigger things to deal with at the moment, but I wanted to let you know my blog has changed addresses to dontpanic55.wordpress.com.
    Take care.

    • Diane,
      Thank you for birthday wishes, prayers for Japan and letting me know your new address! I corrected it on this post and deleted the other one. We are still praying for Japan too and we especially hope they get the reactor under control by some miracle. Thankfully, our young friend returned to Hawaii two days ago. However, others we know are still affected. One of the kids in my son’s school told the class that his family has been unable to reach their relatives in Japan. It is just too sad!

  2. Well it must be your birthday so happy birthday to you.
    Also it is always scary when it is so close. A blogging buddy of mine is in New Jersey and they were in a state of emergency as it flooded into their homes.
    Glad you okay.

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