Old Friends and Happiness 8


Jen is requesting links to old posts related to something that makes us happy.  You can view mine here, but please also go over to Jen’s to view others.  You can click on the picture to reach her site.  Many of these bloggers also make me happy by sharing their stories and by commenting on mine.  I am behind in my reading and commenting because I was away from my computer much of the weekend and part of the week, so I will be catching up on my reading too.     

Spending time visiting with old friends also makes me happy.  I am grateful that this weekend I got to reconnect with three old friends.  We got to see two of our dear old friends, our best man and his wife, and their young son on Friday and Saturday as they visited Honolulu.  The husband is the closest my husband has to a brother.  I stayed with these friends for a few days before our wedding and they made sure I went through with the wedding when I was getting cold feet.  Just visiting with them and catching up on each other’s lives brought joy into our home. 

Then on Sunday I had a long phone conversation with another dear friend, our maid of honor who had called when we were out on Saturday.   These three people really mean so much to us.   The friend who called is the one who introduced me to my husband and has been a good friend since 1982.  It was a wonderful way to spend a weekend.

What makes you happy?


  1. what a lovely weekend..:) I think that the things that make me happy are ever changing. When my kids were little..I think a solid night of sleep would have made me joyous..but as they get older..a good book..time to read..coffee..well, coffee has ALWAYS made me happy. 🙂

    • Yes, I can agree with the solid night of sleep, time to read a good book, my morning coffee although I have to limit it to one cup these days. It was a lovely weekend and it brought back such wonderful memories.

    • Yes, wedding memories and good times with friends. They are all the type of friends that you can have not talked to in a long time and it still feels like it was just yesterday. As to the cold feet, I never doubted hubby, but I did have concerns. My maid of honor was friends with hubby too, but she still offered to help me escape up until the last moment, where as best man and his wife helped me to overcome my fears and they made sure I showed up. It is funny in hind sight.

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