Appearance on The Body Show – February 7 2011 6

The audio of the radio show I mentioned in my post earlier this week:

Overcoming Fear for a Cause | dswalkerauthor.

is now available.

The Body Show – February 7 2011.

FYI:  Try not to notice the fear in my voice in the beginning of the show.  It did get better thank God!  I was fortunate because Todd Addelson, M. S. , BCBA, who was also a guest, carried the beginning of the show with our wonderful host, Dr. Kathy Kozak while I reminded myself to breathe so I could actually speak.  I did get over this as we talked and I began to relax and enjoy our interaction.  Listen and let me know what you think of my first ever radio experience.

Addendum: The Podcast is no longer available.


  1. I just got a chance to listen to this program and thought it was fantastic! You did a great job and sounded really comfortable and natural in your answers.

    Way to go!!

  2. I’m on a different computer now (bad sound quality) but I will come back and give a listen later. I’m sure you were wonderful though. Glad you got over your nerves early on! I’m a mess when speaking publicly. 🙂

    • Thanks Kathleen. I’m the one who took Music Appreciation when I did my nursing degree to avoid taking speech. I had to take it when I went back to get my business degree at the Jesuit university. It was good for me though.

  3. I think you did wonderful. I’m still halfway listening to it and had to stop because baby woke up.
    I think the discussions are interesting so far. The caller ‘Frank’ brought up a very interesting question about typical parents doing what could be negatively affecting the child, whether the child has been diagnosed or not. A few cadets here (at the military school) have severe behavioral issues, that their parents have gone to the ends of their rope and made the decision to send their kids here with the hope that their kids will continue to have education but will ‘get better’ through the military discipline. As genuine as their hopes and intention could ever be, that decision may not be the best especially their kid’s behavioral issues have been brought by certain personality disorders or certain mental disabilities or some form of autism, that have not been diagnosed.
    It’s sure hard to be a parent, to make decisions,… This is another testament at how humbling it is to be a parent.

    • Charlotte,
      Thank you and thank you for adding your insights too! Yes, Frank did open up the discussion on parenting issues. I agree that it is sad when parents don’t work to figure out how to help their children and instead send them away whether to a military school or somewhere else. Unfortunately, our children don’t come with an instruction manual, and even if they did some would not read it. I know we made so many mistakes before we finally got the right diagnosis and even some after the diagnosis. I’m just so glad I refused to listen to the people who told me things that did not make sense.

      Children are so precious and the wrong style of parenting can cause so much damage. I also know outsiders sometimes misinterpret what they see related to children on the spectrum and blame the parents. Many parents need an offer of help and understanding along with tools to help their child instead of the judgment too many offer instead. Hopefully with more people educating others about sensory issues, autism spectrum, learning disabilities, and other diagnoses help will come to the parents and the children.

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