Not a Tiger Mom 11

I am grateful that my mom was not a “Tiger Mom,” and just for the record neither is my mother-in-law.  I’ve told you stories about my dad, so today is a tribute to my mom.  Unlike my dad she did not grow up in the country, with animals.  Therefore, life with my dad was an adjustment for her.  Still, my petite four-foot, eleven inch, mom would put a lead rope on our horses when they broke through a fence until it could be repaired.

My mom was the one who read to us, who sung to us and who took us to the small town five and dime to buy the occasional toy with money we earned from doing chores.  She taught all of us how to cook, sew on buttons, hem our pants, and do basic household chores.

Mom knew how to let us be kids too.  She let us have mulberry fights in the summer as long as we put on old clothes.  She encouraged us to have water battles with squirt bottles when we had no squirt guns.  She packed coolers full of food to take to weekend boating and camping trips at the lake during the spring and summer.

Then when school started back, we frequently came home to the smell of fresh-baked sugar cookies or brownies after school.  She helped us with all of our homework except math.  Math was Dad’s job.  She taught us other things too, like respect for nature.  She knew the names of all of the flowers and birds we saw and she could imitate the bird songs.  She loved going outside to look at the nighttime sky and she could name all of the constellations which amazed me.  I still need someone else to point them out to me.  Planetarium anyone!


    • Chloe,
      Thank you! I hope you had a nice weekend. I will try to stop by your blog later this week. I need my poetry fix and I still can’t wait to see more about the novel.

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    • Lisa,
      I do think I was lucky. My parents were not perfect, but they were wonderful and they made parenting look so easy! Unfortunately, I cannot say it has been easy for me although most of that is because we did not understand so many things before we had the correct diagnosis. I just hope when my kids are grown they will remember the good times more than the bad.

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