Overcoming Fear for a Cause 7

Orchids - CopyThe Word Press topic of the day is, “What is something you never believed…”  I have always been the wall flower preferring to hide by the rock like these orchids.  I never wanted the spot light, and I have done everything I could to avoid being noticed.  Therefore, I would never have believed I would be trying to get media exposure.   Thankfully in 1992 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from a Jesuit university that focused on public speaking along with writing skills, so I knew I was capable of speaking in a public forum.  However, it has never been something I felt compelled to do. 

The people who chose to bully my child and the parents who did not realize how serious this was forced me to overcome my own desire to stay out of the spot light.  They started me on a mission to change the climate of meanness in our schools and in our society.  This adult, who might have otherwise only spoken to close friends and family about my views, is now working to get others to listen. 

Last night for the first time I found myself on a hour long radio call-in program reminding myself to breathe and working to overcome my nervousness for a cause.  This cause is that important to me.  I want to get others to understand the importance of helping those on the spectrum, to ensure girls get the correct diagnosis sooner, and to ensure they and others have a safe environment for learning.  The show should be available via podcast soon and I will post the link when it is available.


  1. What an exciting and meaningful story of transformation! Way to go momma! We do need to change the culture in schools towards bullying. I think we also need to foster greater understanding of the NT kids towards aspergers. I am always stunned and moved by how kind the NT kids are to my son, always wanting to help and encouraging him. I believe that is because, since he is moderate on the Spectrum, his differences are obvious and they know he can’t help them so the kids just accept him, they understand him. But with Aspergers the differences are more subtle. Because of lack of Aspie awareness the NT kids see them as basically normal kids who are choosing to act different and kids fear what they don’t understand. The question is how to foster Aspergers awareness in schools without stigmatizing Aspie children, who do so often crave normality and don’t want to stand out?

    • Suzanne,
      Thank you! Yes, it is a challenge to promote understanding while not making your child stand out! We still work on this one and there is no easy answer. However, bullies can make them stand out too and not in a good way.

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  3. Sometimes it’s talent. Sometimes having strong conviction for a cause does play tricks on our minds that lets us do stuffs we don’t normally do… or simply – love can make us do anything.
    Congratulations on your radio all in program, podcast or however you call it. I can sense your victory. Can’t wait to hear it.

  4. It is amazing what we can do and will do for something we really believe in. I’m a behind the lime light person myself but I’ve done some public speaking for causes I believe in too.

    • Grace, I can see you stepping up for something important to you! It was easier than I thought it would be after the initial fear and after I remembered to breathe. Hopefully next time it will be easier.

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