Something That Makes Me Smile 17

Technically, I only signed up for one post a week and I already posted this week, but I like today’s topic on the Word Press Post A Day Challenge, so I’m going to post on this one too. Below is a picture of me with someone who definitely makes me smile.  FYI his eyes are really brown, but mine are really blue. Camera’s don’t like to photograph the true color of my eyes expect from an angle! Oh Well!!!!My Golden - Copy

More That Makes Me Smile!

My Corgi's Puppy Days

Summer time in ColoradoColorado Winter Fun


  1. This will sound ridiculous, but I am actually here from LAST time’s Blog Gems! I got really sick, then my son got sick and I was just out of touch with anything computer related for a long time. But better late than never right?

    I love those pictures. And it stinks your blue eyes don’t come out in pictures, I have plain boring eyes and wish for blue or green, but what’s the point if you can’t seem them in a picture? Guess we’ll just have to meet one day.

    My 4 year old has recently started to ask for a dog. I don’t think he understood, he has Autism, that people “owned” dogs until now. I just keep telling him we’ll talk about it later. But I know that is just delaying the inevitable, my husband would like one too. I am just not an animal person.

    • Jean,
      It does not sound ridiculous to me at all. I am responding to current comments, but I am taking a break right now, so I do get it. Later this week I will link to Jen’s current blog gems and I still have a meme I have to write about and pass on too. I promise I will stop by for a visit when I return to blogging later this week. Thank you for your nice comments. There are so many bloggers I would love to meet one day.

      Regarding people owning dogs, sometimes I think our dogs think they own us. They certainly try to help at times anyway. My mom was not an animal person when she married my dad either, yet she became one and in some ways she loved our animals as much or more than any of us. However, animals are a big responsibility, so I do get the hesitancy. Best wishes with the decision!

  2. What fabulous photos-I can SEE what makes you happy. 🙂 As it has snowed YET again..I find myself looking at your pictures (especially the outdoor shots) and living vicariously through your happiness! ;0

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  4. Ah – the best things in life, and those that make our heart smile the most, are usually free…and often involve our loved ones, nature…or our pets.

    A lovely post – thank you! xx

  5. Just so that you’d know, these made me smile too! Especially, ME’s “baby” picture! Thank you for the post.

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