Save Your Violins for the Orchestra 2

Save your violins for the orchestra.

Save your violins for the orchestra.

Please no pity parties for my family or Mia’s. We happen to know the wonderful traits of autism spectrum, and no it isn’t really a “disorder.” The only disordered group we know of are the bullies. They may not carry a diagnosis with the word disorder included, but they are the ones who have a disorder all the same. I say prayers that one day they’ll get that their behaviors are just wrong.

So, when you read Delightfully Different keep your violins in their cases unless you know the notes to Mia’s symphony or you become inspired to write one of your own.  Violins are for playing music not for pity parties.  We’re doing great here, but we would appreciate it if you shared our story School with others, so maybe it can help them too.

With much Aloha “from the land where palm tree’s sway,”

D. S. Walker


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